Kimsukadi Tail - Glow Boosting Facial Oil

Product Description

This brightening facial oil is a classical Ayurvedic formulation that uses the bright orange Kinshuk (also known as palash, tesu or the ‘flame of the forest’ ) flower - revered in Ayurveda for centuries for its skin soothing properties. The Kinshuk flower is blended with 17 precious Ayurvedic herbs to make this facial oil and is the perfect product to use if you’re looking to use something safe and effective that works on your skin while you’re asleep.

The herbs and plants used in this oil are documented as glow boosters in Ayurveda and are known to have a startling effect on pigmented, dull and aging skin and on pimple scars.

What is it made of ?
Ayurvedic herbs including sandalwood, vetiver and nagkesar (Indian-rose chestnut) are noted as varanaya dravyas (complexion enhancers) in the Charak Samita, an ancient Indian Sanskrit text written thousands of years ago.

We cook these and other Ayurvedic roots, flowers and plants such as lac, Indian Madder, Mulethi, Vetiver and Himalayan Wild Cherry in cold-pressed sesame oil according to tail-pak vidhi (the traditional Ayurvedic way of oil making) to make the Kimsukadi Tail.

Other ingredients in this oil include Sacred Lotus Flower, Banyan roots, Padma Kesar, Henna, Turmeric root, Indian Sassaparilla and Patang.

Why use it and how is it different than am Elixir Facial Serum?
A serum is a lightweight non-greasy product that isn’t a lotion or a cream. You apply it to your skin after cleansing but before moisturizing. So this product is used just before you use your Just Herbs night cream or night gel. The Elixir serum can also be used during the day.

The Kimsukadi Oil on the other hand, is rich textured night treatment Ayurvedic oil and is to be used specifically at night before bed time after your night cream or gel.

In fact, you can include both the Elixir (day use) and the Kimsukadi Tail (night use) in your Just Herbs regime.

Which skin type is it good for?
This product suits all skin types.

Will it make my skin more oily?
No, it won’t. In fact, using a plant rich facial oil such as the Kimsukadi will not only nourish your skin but the unique blend of herbs will also help cut down the overproduction of oil as your skin will get the oil it needs from the outside, so it won’t need to produce oil of its own. In some cases, this may gradually help those with extra oily skin to get their skin’s oiliness to an optimum level.


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