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Your starter kit for Ayurveda.

This super-saver pack includes:

1. The Ayurveda Experience authored by Ayurveda Wellness Expert Lissa Coffey along with Ayurveda Doctors from India. This course is the most comprehensive online course to get introduced to Ayurveda. With beautiful visuals, this course covers all the basics of Ayurveda and comes with a detailed text companion, which, again, is also beautiful to look at! Along with this almost 7-hour long course, you also get a whole lot of bonuses including 7 webinar sessions with different experts on different topics. What to eat, what to avoid, what is the right body work for you, which is the most suitable meditation technique for you, how to take care of yourself the natural way, the secret mantras to suit your needs - everything you can think of is right here.


2. Ayurveda & You by Marisa Laursen. Ayurveda & You is a shorter course which simplifies Ayurveda essentials for you. In this course, the concept of your innate nature (Prakruti) and current imbalance (Vikruti) is clearly explained. This course brings to light the fundamentals of Ayurveda with utmost simplicity and grace. Through this course, you will:

  • Learn the crucial difference between your current symptoms and your “original” nature 
  • Learn why everyone thrives only in their own, unique climate and the “triggers” that cause the doshas in you to imbalance 
  • Build your immunity and energy in harmony with this intelligence 
  • Discover the key to heal your current symptoms – or your distorted state of doshas 
  • What really are the doshas Vata, Pitta and Kapha? 
  • ‘Get’ detailed “clues” that help you learn which doshas predominate in you 
  • Learn the all-important ‘Three-Things-That-Must-be-Known’ in order to heal and rejuvenate 
  • What are the 10 sets of qualities that define all nature – whether it be a cloud, an elephant or you? 
  • Learn about interesting concepts like junk smells and junk sounds that, in addition to junk foods, drive your doshas into imbalance! 
  • Discover the two hidden places where disease really begins, no matter where it manifests 
  • Learn practical tips and tricks to balance your doshas – and some of these are unexpected little surprises! 
  • Explore never-seen-before concepts like Five-sense-therapy 
  • Discover herbs to balance your doshas, which sleep discipline, exercise protocol, food choices and ways to play, work and meditate are in alignment with your unique prakruti… 
  • And, discover the biggest mistake you can make on the path to uncovering your unique physiology – and THIS is something that trips up even those familiar with Ayurveda! 


3. Modern Ayurveda by Cate Stillman. This course is special! Not only does this bring a fresh perspective to Ayurveda, it also introduces a new language into your life- with an amazingly fresh perspective to being healthy and living a conscious life, this course is one of our favorites! Besides that, anyone who loves yoga, practices yoga, teaches yoga or wishes to begin his or her yogic path- should know the deep relationship of Yoga and Ayurveda! This program is designed to reveal the energy dynamics of Ayurveda and help you practically experience transformation. Through this course you will:

  • Discover and develop the habits for longevity and dynamic aging 
  • Streamline your day-to-day habits for better energy 
  • Tap into deep wisdom to skilfully navigate the rites of passages throughout your life 
  • Help others - children, parents, yoga students, the important people in your life - own their constitution for a more enlightened, healthier experience! 
  • “Get" the operating system of Ayurveda for yours as well as their life in a practical way 
  • Get tapped into the Yogic approach to Ayurveda.
  • Get a free yoga mat!

4. FREE: Cascade Moisturizing Day Care Lotion:

An all-natural Ayurvedic product that helps your skin maintain its natural moisture.It’s free of neurotoxins, parabens and oxybenzones, and only contains natural ingredients such as Vetiver, a plant grown in India and known for its antiseptic properties. It helps rejuvenate your skin, making it look radiant, younger, and brighter. It also supports the skin regeneration process to enhance collagen elasticity which will improve the vital capacity of your skin to retain moisture. Aloe Vera and the antioxidant properties of Wheatgerm oil will plump up those fine lines that occur on your face as a result of dryness.

The natural, long-lasting formula will keep your skin moisturized throughout the day without leaving a thick, oily layer on your face – like some lotions with chemicals do. This lotion gets absorbed quickly, cools your skin and leaves it feeling satin smooth all day long, making it a perfect base for make-up.


    The total cost of this pack is actually $321, however under this offer, not only do you get $144 (45%!) off, but you also get not 1 but 2 free gifts with it additionally!

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