Castor Oil

Product Description

Castor oil is:

  1. Excellent for detoxification
  2. Helps for constipation, hyperacidity & migraines
  3. Helps to reduce skin conditions like acne, psoriasis, eczema
  4. Helps for brittle nails and hangnails
  5. Helps to reduce excessive heat and burning sensation
  6. Helps for menstrual cramps, PMS & Menopausal symptoms

The reason for its dramatic success in so many areas is simply the size of the primary molecule, ricinoleic acid, which comprises about 90% of the oil’s volume. Ricinoleic acid is strongly anti-inflammatory and is a small enough molecule to penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin as well as into the lymphatic channels.

The castor oil is actually absorbed into your body and travels through the lymphatic channels, which carry toxins to your liver. The oil helps to clean out and move the lymph more quickly to the liver to allow your liver to process the toxins hanging around in there. Castor oil packs are great to do if you’re feeling under the weather or if you have a headache that won’t seem to go away, or if you’re doing a detox or to help get rid of menstrual cramps and uterine pain, you can do a pack over the area of your uterus.


Castor oil is also an important element of the Effortless Weight Loss program by Dr. Suhas. It is used as an intense detox and cleanse of the gut.