Cascade Moisturising Day Care Lotion

Product Description

Cascade Moisturizing Day Care Lotion is an all natural Ayurvedic product, helping your skin to maintain its natural moisture while simultaneously restoring moisture to the deepest layers of your skin.

It’s free of neurotoxins, parabens and oxybenzones, and only contains natural ingredients such as Vetiver, a plant grown in India and known for its antiseptic properties. It helps rejuvenate your skin, making it look radiant, younger, and brighter. It also supports the skin regeneration process to enhance collagen elasticity which will improve the vital capacity of your skin to retain moisture. Aloe Vera and the antioxidant properties of Wheatgerm oil will plump up those fine lines that occur on your face as a result of dryness.

The natural, long lasting formula will keep your skin moisturized throughout the day without leaving a thick, oily layer on your face – like some lotions with chemicals do. This lotion gets absorbed quickly, cools your skin and leaves it feeling satin smooth all day long, making it a perfect base for make-up.

Use the pump to apply a pea-sized amount of the milky-pink lotion on your face or on
the rest of your body right after taking a bath or shower, when your skin is clean and still damp. This way, your skin can fully absorb the lotion, maximizing the effect of the natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera leaf juice, Sunflower seed oil, Shea butter, Jojoba oil and Apricot kernel oil.

The refreshing fragrance prepares you and your skin for your day, leaving a silky smooth feel all day long. Care for your skin. You don’t need toxic chemicals in an effective moisturizer. Use a toxin-free, animal testing-free lotion. Cascade Moisturizing Day Care Lotion is especially developed to keep your skin naturally nourished and moisturized. Your skin will be healthier – and so will you aloevera leaf juice*5%,wheatgerm oil 0.5% jojoba oil 0.2%,apricot kernel oil**0.2%,vetiver ext. 0.1% , aqua, sunflower seed oil**, coconut oil derivatives, glyceryl stearate citrate /cetearyl alcohol /glyceryl caprylate***,veg. glycerine*, dicaprylyl carbonate***, shea butter,potassium sorbate,sodium benzoate,natural preservative blend of herbs and essential oils.

Apply liberally on face and neck after washing while the skin is still damp.Use twice a day.

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