A Unique Method For Younger, Smoother Skin Customised For Your Skin Type

Of course you too want smooth skin, less lines and wrinkles, soft texture and a healthy and radiant glow, don't you?

Well, Ayurveda, or the ancient Indian science of life has a very unique approach to it-

Ayurveda, in terms of skin care, differs constitutionally from modern medicine. While all the creams, oils and ointments crowding the market nowadays treat topically, giving brief respite from the skin issues you might be facing, Ayurveda, however, puts your skin type into different categories dependent upon their doshas or Ayurvedic constitution. Working on customized solutions for each of these doshas, Ayurveda treats the underlying cause behind each problem, terminating it from the very root, using the most organic and natural products along with fixing your diet and lifestyle.

The three basic doshas and the related skin type are: Vata for dry, mature skin, Pitta for sensitive, irritated skin and Kapha for smooth or sometimes congested skin.

Vata (Air and Ether)

Fine and delicate though often dry and flaky, the Vata skin constantly needs ample hydration. Cool to touch and drawn to warmth and light, this skin type can be easily dehydrated and is vulnerable to dry, windy weather. Because of its sheer thinness, the blood vessels can be easily seen. This feature also makes the skin age easily, bringing about fine lines and wrinkles. With pale lips due to somewhat poor circulation, the Vata skin however has a fine, porcelain look that makes it the envy of most. Usually prone to eczema and other skin irritants, it tends to become cracked and rough when exposed to cold weather.

Recommendations :

  • Apart from adding warm, unctuous foods and sweet, sour and salty flavors to your diet, it is also recommended to ensure intake of organic milk and grains, green leafy vegetables and lots of sweet, juicy fruits to cleanse and hydrate the system.
  • Use natural or herbal moisturisers like those infused with Gotukola. You can also use cream, honey and yogurt packs to nourish your skin twice a week.
  • Touch is very important for Vata dosha and loving, nourishing touch for Vata skin works wonders for Vata! Massage your face daily for 10 minutes using a natural facial oil to provide lubrication, lipid support and improved circulation. Massage also touches key points on the face that can help make the face look tightened and more youthful.

Pitta (Fire and Water)

Pitta skin, with fire being the primary element of Pitta dosha, tends to burn easily and emits a warm glow. Fair, sensitive and soft with medium thickness, this skin type is less tolerant to hot food and temperatures and therefore prone to freckles and moles. When imbalanced, Pitta skin can have breakouts, rosacea, sunspots and rashes. There can even be some cases of pigmentation. All in all, Pitta skin needs great care and needs to be kept away from harsh sunlight as it tends to be extremely sensitive.

Recommendations :

  • It is recommended to avoid hot, spicy and deep-fried foods to stop addition of heat to the already raging fire in your body.
  • Eat sweet and juicy fruits that cool the body and mind.
  • Gentle , natural skincare products should be used for cleansing and moisturizing.
  • Extra care while going out into the sun is must and a nice, relaxing self- massage with a cooling oil can work wonders on those Pitta inflictions.
  • Super tip: Contrary to common belief, oil is not bad for you even if your skin is more oily or irritated. Just be careful about the oil you choose and in this case, Jojoba based oils would really help maintain the natural moisture of your skin without being too sticky or causing breakouts.

Kapha (Earth and Water)

Kapha skin is characterized by large pores, excessive oiliness and plumpness. Thick and plump, this skin type is cool to touch and has a grayish film. The thickness of the skin helps delay signs of aging and keeps a person looking younger for longer. Prone to blackheads, skin growth, acne and a dull complexion, Kapha skin can also have breakouts and fungal infection if the body, susceptible to frequent water retention, does not flush out and cleanse from within and without.

Recommendations :

    • Too many sweet and deep fried foods are to be avoided.
    • It is recommended to include organic vegetables in your diet to bring about a complete internal cleansing and spices like ginger and black pepper for warmth.
    • It is also advised to cleanse the skin twice a day and exfoliate with a mud mask once a week.
    • A self-massage is also extremely beneficial to keep the Kapha skin healthy. Dab some light Kapha balancing skin oil on your face and massage each side of the face for 10 minutes. You can use a Kansa Wand for enhanced results.

"Combination skin" can be Vata-Pitta: both dry and sensitive, or Kapha-Pitta: oily and sensitive or Vata-Kapha: both dry and congested.
Ayurveda treats combination skin based not only on environmental and seasonal factors but also on dietary and lifestyle factors.

As you might have noted, one key feature in Ayurvedic skin care is self-massage. Not only does massage improve circulation and touch vital points, protecting against unnatural aging, massage therapy also holds a special place in Ayurveda as it helps remove unwanted toxins from the body and nullifies free radicals, thereby reducing oxidative damage.

The Kansa wand is a beautiful massage tool from the Ayurvedic healing tradition that will work wonders for giving you a youthful face, stress-relief and total skin and mind-body rejuvenation!

This fascinating tool has been used to recharge and harmonize the subtle energies of the body, enhance health and strength, support general well-being, and relieve stress. The domed massage surface is made of kansa, a very pure form of bronze known throughout India as the healing metal. This sacred metal blend helps in harmonizing the energies in our meridians and chakras. Think of it as tuning up your face, reawakening the beauty in your skin and your innermost being.

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Dab some face oil on your face and use the Kansa wand to massage one side of your face for 10 minutes and then the other side for another 10 minutes.

Do this for 1 week everyday and see the difference. You might even notice a difference after the very first session.

You can learn more about the different wands that suit your needs here.

Some benefits of using the Kansa Face Wand are:

  • Revitalizes the face and complexion.
  • Evokes a greater sense of ease.
  • Brings life and light back to the face.
  • Soothes skin after shaving.
  • Rebalances the three doshas - vata, pitta and kapha, the three subtle energies of the body recognized in Ayurveda.

Much of the work done with the Kansa Face Wand involves simple repetitive long strokes and circles.On a more subtle level, this tool works with the meridians and chakras, having a balancing and revitalizing effect. The smooth surface quickly warms making it the perfect, comfortable extension of your own healing energy.

The Kansa massage tool’s healing metal surface shines golden because of its extreme purity and is set upon a hand carved handle that is irresistible to the eye - naturally drawing one to pick it up and use it. This wand is, no doubt, your ticket to complete de-stress and that too at a price that will make you regret all the money spent on those expensive massages at the spa.

Here's what people have to say about the Kansa wand

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What our Community has to say about us...

Love my face Wand- saw the difference immediately, paticularly around the eye area. Have just recieved the Marma tool from you guys. Very well packaged, great price, super quick delivery ... love the little booklet.

Michelle Monaghan

Got mine last week, love it, good quality, and it feels great on your face, back and shoulders. Helps release some of those knots and tension. Very relaxing.

Glenda Scott

I love my wand! I've been using it on my face and neck with jojoba oil for about a year now. The furrow between my eyebrows has practically disappeared. What I like most is the way that it requires me to rest and focus on the massage. I finish feeling refreshed and my skin has a very natural glow. I highly recommend this for seniors (I am 67 years young) as a way to care for your skin

Charlotte Royal Davis

Wonderful product. I purchased one of the smaller wands for my face and used it for about five or six months! Great results. And I don't have the oil and such they recommend to enhance the experience. I use it with coconut oil and it has worked better on my face than I could have imagined. My experiences with it have been great! Highly recommend it.

Jacqueline Skye Outlaw