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Become a 
Brand Ambassador

For The Ayurveda Experience

Want to work with us?


Become a 
Brand Ambassador

For The Ayurveda Experience

Want to work with us?


Being Strong. Being Generous. Being Thoughtful. Making Informed Decisions.

You are already familiar with these concepts. You live by them and make your assertions and choices accordingly, whether it is about your career, your children or your body. You know what’s harmful when it comes to your health, your beauty and your body. So do we.

We, at The Ayurveda Experience, are looking to establish personal, long-lasting partnerships with our beloved customers who have used our products. We are looking for people who want to share the goodness of natural ingredients with their followers and encourage others to move away from chemical cosmetics and embrace the ideal of clean beauty.

As our ambassador, you will be part of a team consisting of the Caring Mother, the Hard-Working Woman, the Inspired Influencer and in general, individuals who who want to improve others' lives while authentically representing The Ayurveda Experience.

What's in it for you?

Exclusive access to all of our new products and exciting products

A unique and personalized discount code to share with your followers

The opportunity to make a commission on any sales or clicks driven in future

Opportunity to run Instagram takeovers on our Instagram and other social media

Free or discounted products when taking part in future social media campaigns

An exclusive feature on The Ayurveda Experience’s social media

An open channel of communication to share all of your ideas with us, be it product related or promotion related

Your Responsibilities

  • Share your own experience of using our products with your die-hard followers
  • Regular posts on social media showcasing The Ayurveda Experience products (we prefer not to set a minimum but hope to see you sharing as much as you can 😊)
  • Create photo and video content utilizing The Ayurveda Experience products that we can use in our promotions
  • Give us your personal views regarding opportunities to expand brand presence and sales

Are you our new Ambassador?

We’re looking for women with an engaged fan-base to work with us.

Think this might be for you? You could be our next Ambassador if...

  • You've been following the clean beauty movement for a while OR you've just recently discovered the beauty in natural skincare. 
  • You have an active profile on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or other social media platforms with engaged followers.
  • You would love to share the benefits of natural skincare and the wonders of time-tested, ancient formulations with your followers.
  • You love The Ayurveda Experience products and and are excited to share our products with your followers (while also giving them a discount).
  • You’d love to be the “face” and “voice” of The Ayurveda Experience, representing us online.Share your own experience of using our products with your die-hard followers

If this sounds like you, we can't wait to meet you!

Sign up below and we'll be in touch!

Become a global ambassador

With customers in the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand - you'll expand your reach across the world

Get commission

Earn up to 40% commission for purchases made by your followers!