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Anything you need to fry, saute’ or heat with a little bit of oil, MAMA SATTVA GHEE IS THE PERFECT COOKING OIL SWAP!

Fine cultured ghee sourced from 100% certified organic pasture­raised Jersey cows. 
Popularly known as food of the Gods, it has been highly revered for thousands of years (primarily in India and Tibet) because it is one of the finest healing nutriition dense oil ​known to man.

What makes Mama Sattva Ghee truly awesome?

The fact that it's not merely clarified butter, it is CULTURED​ as well

The culture is a probiotic added to the cream​before it is churned into butter. This makes the ghee richer in anti­inflammatory properties as well in taste.

Where is this Cultured Ghee sourced from? - 100% pasture­raised Happy Cows.

The cows usually are light beige or tan coloured, and are a smaller breed producing less milk; however their milk has extra enzymes​ and is much richer and fattier. The preparation of Mama Sattva Ghee initiates with cultured cream being churned into butter. Then the butter is slowly melted down to extract the lactose, casein and protein solids as well as the water. What remains is pure butter oil that is the essence of the cream.

The Food of the Gods!

They say you don't have to cook sensational masterpieces, just good food with ghee…Mama Sattva Ghee!!

Here’s why ­
Awakens the digestive fire in your body.
Relieves the dryness of your skin, tissues and voice.
★ It makes an excellent TOXIN TERMINATOR!​­ - Ghee as per ayurveda binds to toxins and Ama( morbid matter of impaired digestion) and is used in bringing the toxins from peripheries to the gut for elimination in Panchkarma.
★ Make it your DAILY DETOX!!
★ Promotes memory​, intellect​, power of digestion​, semen​ and Ojas.
★ It is useful in emaciation.
Heat On...​the ghee can handle high temps ­ 485 degrees F.
★ Besides, the ghee tastes delicious, and makes cooking convenient.
★ And finally, Ghee calms Pitta and Vata​ as it neutralises those suffering from Pitta and Vata imbalances.

The number one most revered and commonly used method for consuming ghee is to use it as a cooking oil. With such a high smoke point, it is bound to be absolutely delicious for cooking. It can be used for frying and sautéing. Most notably, it will not turn into trans fats (as most vegetable oils do that are heated) which is very dangerous and damaging to the body.

NOTE:­ Due to its short­chain molecular structure, ghee acts as an incredible carrier oil and, helps deliver vital nutrition deep into the tissues. 

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