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Kansa Foot Wand with Himaruti Oil and FREE Marma Tool

Kansa Foot Wand with Himaruti Oil and FREE Marma Tool

The Ayurveda Experience


This is a complete set for total foot care!

Use iYURA Himaruti Oil to moisturize the feet and imbue your skin cells with the amazing benefits of 3 herbs and 2 powerful emollients!

Then, massage the feet with the Kansa Foot Wand for a superlative relaxing experience.

But in this pack, you can also do some focused work on pressure points or specific, small areas using the Marma Wand!

This wand can be used not just on the feet, but also your face to stimulate points like the ones around your eyes, under your lower lip and more! 

Himaruti® Oil

The Eternal Oil to Soothe the Feet
A Unique Foot Oil with ‘The Eternal Root’

With ‘Him’ referring to ‘ice’ and ‘maruti’ referring to ‘wind’, Himaruti is the name of a unique, dual-balanced formulation. A massage oil that ancient Ayurvedic texts prescribe for burning feet and to help soothe dryness, this oil helps pacify both Pitta and Vata dosha - meaning, it soothes as well as moisturizes the skin.

iYURA’s Himaruti Oil does not contain any added essential oils or fragrance. It has its own herbaceous aroma which does not last very long.

Amongst its special ingredients, this oil contains the herb Indian Sarsaparilla, which is also called ‘Anantamool’ or ‘the eternal root’. In the samhitas or ancient Ayurvedic texts, Indian Sarsaparilla has been classified under the categories of plants which improve the complexion (“varnya”)

Some believe that regular use of Indian Sarsaparilla brings energy and buoyancy to the body as if one was young again, which is why its other name is ‘the eternal root’!

It is considered to be one of the Rasayana herbs, believed to promote longevity of life.

This formulation also contains Shorea Robusta Resin which is known in Ayurveda for use for a balanced and well-nourished skin.

A further addition of Beeswax makes this oil very emollient and keeps your feet soft and smooth. Being a humectant, beeswax also helps retain moisture in the skin and forms a protective barrier without suffocating the pores.

Overall, on a day when you’re tired, a foot or leg massage with this oil can be very rewarding for you!

The Kansa Foot Wand

The Kansa tools work wonders for giving you youthful skin, stress-relief and total skin and mind-body rejuvenation!Whether as a part of a facial or a stand-alone experience, this wand will give you a natural, gentle face-tightening and revitalizing experience like never before!

All natural, involving no electronic gadgets or harmful radiations or even chemicals, this tool is made with the healing metal of India - Kansa.

That’s where the impressive power of the tool lies- in this golden, historical metal, Kansa.

Specifically designed for the feet, this wand covers a larger surface area to not only make it easier to massage the feet but also to ensure a better experience. Gliding smoothly along the shape of the feet, a foot massage with this wand helps you slip into a deep state of relaxation. As it moves up and down the foot and in other intricate moves through the fingers and the top of the foot, you can almost feel the negativity, heat and toxins flow out of your system.

It was common in ancient Indian tradition to rub the Kansa metal on the feet of someone who has high fever.

Our experts share that they have themselves observed that eyes become less blood shot and the high skin tones normalize just by rubbing the feet with the Kansa foot wand.

A Kansa foot massage with this wand:

  • Helps to balance the Ayurvedic doshas of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha
  • Is very comforting 
  • Enhances the effect of any reflexology series or form of massage offered
  • Creates a calming and cooling effect in the body generally
  • The soft contour of the bowl relaxes the entire foot
  • Helps the person feel light and energized


The Marma Tool

  • The Marma Tools is perfect for reflexology and for addressing Marma points in the body
  • The small dome allows you to easily access the specific Marma points for a targeted session
  • The Marma Tool is used for applying pressure and unlocking energetic benefits 
  • The handle is specifically designed to hold in a way so that you can work with the subtle energy in a very light way, but can also apply the necessary pressure
  • The handle is made out of durable, quality wood

About Marmas

Marma Points are the vital, hidden or secret energy points used in Ayurveda in a way similar to which acupressure points are used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. They were discovered in a variety of ways by our ancestors; through meditation and developing great inner awareness and sensitivity, as well as in combat.  As acupuncture points can be used to heal or harm, the same is true for marmas as there are martial arts in India which use the marmas in their techniques.

If you have discovered acupressure, you may already be familiar with some of these points, but not all.  There are some differences too…

  • Marmas work on a grid like the chakras. Chakras are maha marmas.  Maha means large, so they are major marma points. 
  • They vary in size
  • They need only to be touched gently to open and function well

When marmas are open, then tissues are well-cared for and remain more youthful.  Marmas carry light energy, so open marma points give a healthy glow. 

When closed or partly closed, problems can arise such as dryness, congestion, extra oiliness, sensitivities, and discoloration.  

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