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How the Kansa Wand works wonders for stress-relief, skin rejuvenation and to give your face an uplifted look!


The Kansa wand is a beautiful massage tool from the ayurvedic healing tradition that will work wonders on your skin.

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 The Kansa Face Wand is carefully designed to help  

  • revitalise the face and complexion.
  • evoke a greater sense of ease. 
  • Bring life and light back to the face. 
  • soothing skin after shaving.
  • rebalance the three doshas -  vata, pitta and kapha, the three subtle energies of the body recognised in Ayurveda.
  • balance body, mind and inner most being.

This fascinating tool has been used for centuries in much the same way that people in the Himalayan region have used bracelets made of three metals and Tibetan singing bowls to recharge and harmonize the subtle energies of the body and to enhance health and strength, increase energy, support general wellbeing and relieve stress. The domed massage surface is made of kansa, a very pure form of bronze known throughout india as the healing metal. This sacred metal blend helps in harmonizing the energies in our meridians and chakras. Think of it as tuning up your face, reawakening the beauty in your skin and your innermost being.


How does it work? 

Tools like this have been used in India for centuries to enhance health and strength, increase energy, support general well-being, and longevity and relieve stress.  Much of the work done with the Kansa Face Wand involves simple repetitive long stokes and circles that according to Ayurvedic massage theory helps reduce or pull out acidity in the tissues. 

On a more subtle level, this tool works with the meridians and chakras, having a balancing and revitalizing effect by amplifying the body’s natural bio-electrical network.The smooth surface quickly warms and feels like a warm hand making it the perfect, comfortable extension of your own healing energy.  

Like the metal used for sacred Tibetan bells gongs kansa metal is highly resonant. Think of it as tuning up the body in a similar way to listening to gong sounds that lift your spirit

The Kansa massage tool’s healing metal surface shines golden because of its extreme purity and is set upon a hand carved handle that is irresistible to the eye - naturally drawing one to pick it up and use it. 

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