General Tips for Hair Care

<p>Hair is one of the byproducts of bone creation according to AYURVEDA. Its root stability, density, and nourishment are taken care of by Kapha bioenergy. Colour is determined by Pitta bioenergy. Texture and thickness are influenced by Vata bioenergy. Problems in Hair growth &amp; appearance occur when there is disturbance in bioenergy functioning.</p>
<p>Ayurvedic Hair Care concepts cover all the aspects of hair health – growth promotion, natural colour management and prevention of hair fall. Ayurvedic classical literature emphasizes the utility of various herbal compounds in hair care.</p>
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<p>1) Have a balanced diet. Have food at regular intervals. Say no to severe dieting. Avoid canned, processed and junk food.</p>
<p>2) Consume freshly prepared meals.</p>
<p>3) Follow the Ayurvedic clock schedule, getting 6-8 hrs of sleep.</p>
<p>4) Ensure clear bowels by consuming a fiber rich diet.</p>
<p>5) Exercise regularly.</p>
<p>6) Practice yoga and meditation to combat stress, and fatigue.</p>
<p>7) Never use hot water to wash hair (it should always be luke warm or cool).</p>
<p>8) Never brush wet hair.</p>
<p>9) Read the labels on hair products and favor those with natural ingredients. When you can, use home-made herbal hair wash and oils.</p>
<p>10) Certain allopathic medications can be harmful for the hair. So discuss this with your doctor.</p>

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